We’ve kitted ourselves out with brand new plate loaded, bilateral equipment hitting every muscle and helping you achieve every goal.


Our cardio area isn’t the prettiest or the most modern but it has everything you need to get you warmed up, Torching Kcals and sweating!

4 * Treadmills

1 * Cross Trainer

1 *Stair Master

1 * Recumbent Bike

1 * Exercise bike

4 * Rowing machines

Main Gym

Plate loaded bilateral machines.

Calf raise

Hack Squat

Leg Press

Leg Curl

Leg extension

2 * Squat rack

Deadlift area

Pull over

Tricep Dip

Bicep curl

Shoulder press

Seated row

Pec dec / Rear fly

2 * Smith machines

Chest Press

Lat pull down

Front pull down

2 * cables

Incline, Decline & flat bench

Pull up bars

and our Limitless trainer which can do over 200 exercises and the only one in the south east!!

 Dumbbells from 1kg -80kg

range of different bars

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